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Tips to Consider Before Investing in Real Estate Project in Bangalore

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Every one of us is desired of moving into the dream house that we have picturized in our minds. But, it is not necessary that we get the similar house of our dreams in real life. When it comes to places such as Bangalore which hosts most of the leading builders, it becomes a bit easy to find out a large number of real estate properties that comprise plots, villas, and apartments in entire Bangalore.

Most of the real estate builders in Bangalore due to the enhanced demand for housing have established a plethora of housing projects in and around Bangalore. In the rising market that facilitates a huge array of alternatives, it becomes extremely crucial and highly difficult for you to choose the best house for you. There is tight competition in Bangalore among the builders and they are equipped in constructing luxury apartments and villas throughout the city.

When it comes to buyers, it is not only a dream home, but it is also a massive investment. There are some people who opt for living away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Meanwhile, there are some people who opt for living in the city and in proximity to their office space.
Those real estate companies that are equipped in offering a massive array of alternatives offer luxurious apartments and villas all over the city of Bangalore. If you are planning to purchase a real estate property in Bangalore and have confusion in your mind about which one you should go to, then given below are some of the important points that you must consider while investing in your dream property in Bangalore.

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The Budget that is Suitable for you

Before you start to look out for a flat for buying in Bangalore, you are required to have a budget in your mind. You should not start by looking for apartments or flats at first and then setting your budget for that. You must first consider what you can afford, and then you should start looking for homes.

In addition to this, you should also take into consideration your monthly expenses, and how much you are able to save after your expenses, then based on these things you should plan your budget. Just set a safe budget for yourself that would not vanish all of your savings and monthly income for EMI payments.

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Right Location is Very Important

Bangalore is majorly popular for its pollution and traffic jams. It would prove to be best for you to buy an apartment in a location that is in proximity to your workplace and the areas that you visit most frequently if you are desired of avoiding long, nightmarish commutes. You are required to ensure that you choose an area that is very easily accessible to reputed schools and hospitals.

Areas such as Whitefield, Koramangala, and Indira Nagar are very well-connected to commercial areas without being unpleasant and noisy. When you choose such kind of locations, and if you are planning to lease out your apartment, it will also give you the assurance of higher rates of rent along with an instant succession of tenants.

Apart from this, there is a high level of water scarcities and pollution in the city of Bangalore from to time. So, you must make sure that there is an ample amount of supply of power and water in your apartment, and that it is far away from vehicular and industrial pollution.

It is not that much tough to choose the right location for buying a flat in Bangalore. But, you are required to keep in mind that it is in proximity to your work and is also well-versed with good connectivity and good infrastructure. You can even now opt for moving to those localities that are far away but connected to the metro due to the Namma Metro that is coming to several parts of the city.

For instance, if you are working in the Central Business District or MG Road, you can opt for buying an apartment in Baiyyappanahalli or even Peenyal. A bit of planning might save you from a huge amount of trouble.

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Documents Must Check Before Purchasing an Apartment in the City of Bangalore

When you purchase a flat or apartment in Bangalore, you are required to ensure that all the documents of the property are in order. It is not at all worth purchasing a home that is not having the right paperwork. The reason behind this is that you could end up losing the house or you would have to spend years in court in the effort of proving your ownership.

Generally, there are two types of documents that you are required to absolutely keep a track of- the primary title documents for proving you as the owner of the property along with the history of the property being sold.

Apart from this, there are also some secondary documents of which you must do verification before you purchase a flat or apartment in Bangalore for ensuring that the information in the primary documents is matching. Along with this, it is for ensuring that some regulations are in compliance with the property. These documents comprise:
● The Parent deed comprises the sale deed, gift deed, allotment letter, partition deed, etc.
● The building plan sanction is issued by the village panchayat or BDA, BBMP, whichever is the local jurisdiction around the property
● Khata or Khata certificate extract that does the registration of the transfer of the property from the BBMP
● An encumbrance certificate is known as the record of all the registered transactions related to the property comprising the mortgage, lease, sale, etc., or even the absence of them
● Any kind of tax-paid receipts for the property
● Any Prevention of Transfer of Certain Lands Act or PTCL endorsement from the Tahsildar or DC for ensuring that the property is not on land that by SC or ST communities.

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Reputation of Builder

If the apartment that you are interested to purchase is still under construction, you are required to conduct good research on the background of the builder and should also visit a few of their other projects. It would prove to be best for you to choose from the highly reputed real estate builders who have completed their projects in the proposed time and also without doing any compromise on the quality of materials that are used for construction.

Those apartments that are constructed by majorly renowned real estate builders will also fetch a higher resale value and rent. The trusted builders in the city such as Brigade Group and Brigade Group are majorly popular in the city and they are having a plethora of real estate projects to choose from.

How does Buying an Apartment from a Builder Work?

If you are going to buy a brand-new apartment in Bangalore which is not a resale property, then you must conduct some research about the builder along with the building. There have been a large number of cases where real estate developers without having the right permissions have sold the flats.

Later the residents had to face a lot of complications in the efforts of regularizing their new flats. You will not have to face such kinds of problems with big-name builders, but with the smaller builder, you are required to proceed with caution.

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Proper Water Inspection

Bangalore is considered one of those cities that will very soon experience a Day Zero i.e. it is a day when there will be no supply given to residents of reliable municipal water. Nearly it will not be possible to supply water to everyone in the city at the pace at which the city is growing. There in the city of Bangalore, you will find a large number of apartments that hire tankers, make use of rainwater harvesting systems, and so on.

So, when you are looking for purchasing an apartment in Bangalore, you are required to check the source of water such as bore well water, Kaveri Water, etc., and how often the enclave calls for tankers. If there is already a scarcity of water in the building, then you should look elsewhere.

Electrical Analysis Before Buying a Flat

When you are about to buy a flat or apartment in Bangalore, you are required to check if there are any electricity issues in the apartment that you are planning to buy.

It would prove to be a better idea for you to opt for purchasing that apartment which is offering 24/7 power back up. In this way, your work will not get affected. If not, then you can always make an investment in a generator for your home, but it will become your extra expense.

Importance of Space in Architecture

You must prior take into consideration the space required by you and your family when you decide to purchase an apartment. If you are planning on starting a family, you should not buy a 1 BHK apartment as you will very soon outgrow the space. Now, if you are equipped in working from home, then you might also be desired of taking into consideration the office space that you will require at your home.

If you and your spouse both are working, it signifies that both of you will require extra space for setting up workspaces and desks. You are not only required to get worried about your current space requirements, but you should also think of what you will require in the near future also.

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Deal or Discount on the Property

You should not opt for purchasing the first home that you visit. It would be a better idea to shop around, especially now. Banks, builders, and lenders are offering some great discounts and deals. If you keep a keen eye out for the right deals then you could save lakhs on your entire expenses.

There are some builders that are equipped in offering you things such as gold coins, modular kitchens, and even cars! There are also lenders and banks that offer you discounts and EMI holidays. So, don't make a hurry, just take your time for looking out for the right deals and discounts.

Family Needs Must Consider While Getting a Home

Your own and the needs of your family are also required to take into consideration apart from looking at the space. These needs and requirements might comprise what facilities and amenities they will require.
For instance, if you are having kids, then you will have a requirement to look for a home that is in proximity to a good school nearby, a children's play area, and a home with sports facilities such as running tracks, basketball courts, pools, and so on.
Apart from this, if your parents are old and they are living with you, then you are required to look for a home that is elder-friendly, with ramps and rails in the right places, and that is well-versed with fast access to hospitals and has better security.

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Vastu Tips for Buying New Apartment in Bangalore

While it is necessary for you to know how to buy an apartment in Bangalore, you must also not forget to include Vastu Shastra into your checklist before you opt for buying a new apartment in Bangalore. The city of lakes Bangalore is a spectacular place for admiring the beauty of nature even amidst a bustling city. So, you will find a large number of incredible Vastu-compliant homes, that are also essentially following tips:
● Make sure that the entry of the house is in the east or north-east or north-west direction. The reason is that south or south-west facing entrances are not good.
● Ensure that the kitchen of the house is in the northwest or southeast direction and it does not directly look at the entrance of the home.
● Make sure that the master bedroom of the house is positioned towards the south-west
● The living room of the apartment must be positioned toward the north
● Apart from this, you should also ensure that there are wide openings in the eastern direction for receiving more positive energy, light, and success.
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