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We are all humans, in the end, trying to make a living that is sustainable, worthy and luxurious all at once. After a hectic day at work or school, all we need is a place to be where we can not only relax but hone ourselves in preparation for tomorrow. We just covet an above that lives up to our definition of home and comfort. Brigade Valencia is that and more.

Brigade Valencia is a curation of perfectly built apartments and world-class amenities that will cater to every need you can ever have. This enclave of residential plots is the latest project undertaken by Brigade Group, a project that will prove to be worthwhile as well as ginormous like the other 250 buildings by the company. With an endless array of stupendous features and amenities in store, Brigade Valencia is the township you would want to be a part of. This bewitching building has transcended every limit of convenience and luxury. The semi-furnished apartments here are the epitome of classic living.

brigade valencia

What is Brigade Group?

Brigade Group has emerged as one of the leading contemporary building companies in the country. Established in the year 1986, it has garnered acclaim from its customers and critics alike. Brigade is a company that promises to bring you the best of the best services and delivers its promise diligently. Since its inception, the company has taken numerous steps in the positive direction to forge its status as a lucrative real estate tycoon to be reckoned with. Headquartered in Bangalore, it owns branches and projects spread across the southern part of India. In the coming decades, it is set to become something even bigger. Featuring a string of world-class amenities, Brigade has had over 3 decades of expertise in fulfilling the desires of its customers while building meritorious experiences for its stakeholders. Not only does it find itself in a leading position as a seller of residential apartments, but Brigade has also endeavoured into other sectors like commercial offices, hospitality, shopping centres and healthcare centres. It has emerged victorious in all the mentioned fields. Lastly, it has built over 250 buildings that have all yielded ginormous success in the years. Now the company basks in the glow of its fun baiting success.

brigade valencia

Township Project of Brigade Valencia

Brigade Valencia is a residential project by Brigade that resides in its perpetual beauty close to Hosur Road in Bangalore. This enclave is an incarnation of the lifestyle you covet. Brimming with beautiful green spaces and top-notch amenities, your life here will be everything you ever dreamt of. Did you dream of chilling with your friends in a swimming pool? Did you dream of reposing on a balcony that overlooks beautiful vistas? Have you dreamt of a place where you can grow and evolve and help your loved ones do the same? You are at the perfect destination. Valencia is the building where your dreams come true. This enclave of residential apartments spans over a gigantic swathe of 150 acres of land that features open spaces, pedestrian paths, driveways and parks. Endowed with painstakingly designed apartments and Vastu compliance, Valencia is just the place you are looking for. It hosts an array of 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments they vary in size and features depending upon the price list. Brigade Valencia is home to modern architecture as well as luxurious furnishings and offers you a life amid well-lit, ventilated and Vastu-compliant units. It is designed in such a way that more daylight is allowed into the room. Add it up to the lush greenery it is built amidst and you have a fusion of natural and human-induced happiness. The building hosts luxury three-bedroom apartments that are available in two sizes: the first type features a carpet area of 1265 sq. ft. and a saleable area of 1865 sq. ft whereas the second type consists of 1851 sq. ft of sale space and a carpet area of 1276 sq. ft. You are on a budget but want to relish the luxuries life has to offer? Never look past Brigade Valencia because you are offered one-bedroom apartments here. These apartments feature an entranceway to a spacious open living, dining, and kitchen with a master bedroom and associated bathroom. The 2 BHK luxury apartments encompass a foyer, living room, kitchen with balcony, 2 large bedrooms and associated balconies, a living room and master bedroom. Every bathroom has been meritoriously planned and floored with ceramic tiles that give off a surreally aesthetic look. Living, dining areas, corridors, bedrooms and kitchens are floored with vitrified tiles while the balconies and bathrooms are floored with ceramic tiles. The price list, however, remains unveiled. Purcharoperty is indeed an expensive association but also a worthwhile one, one that will yield you years of tension- and stress-free life. Some balconies are laden with the privilege of overlooking the city while others are the lush vistas of Brigade Valencia. Either way, imagine the peace you would get from just a few minutes on these balconies, so close to numerous facilities yet so far from the chaos of the city. Built by some of the most experienced construction workers with years of expertise, Brigade Valencia is durable enough to withstand earthquakes. Additionally, you do not have to worry about your safety as it is dealt with with utmost diligence and professionalism. You have world-class security personnel at your disposal who will give top priority to your safety. Burglars are trying to sneak into your beloved house? Some creepy guy followed you on your way home and now you fear he would rampage into your home? Not to fret. The security will be breached at nothing.

brigade valencia

The building is set to be under 24/7 surveillance which further strengthens your safety. Perhaps its most convenient feat is the location. Bangalore is a metropolis and one of the most bustling cities in the whole country. Bangalore in its majestic entirety is a hub of interminable opportunities that have the potential to transform your life entirely. People move to this city to avail education and recreation at its finest. Furthermore, your health care is in check as it is home to innumerable hospitals and private clinics that assures a healthy lifestyle. Also, Hosur Road connects the most important parts of the city. Hence, Brigade Valencia's location could not have been better. And despite its proximity to such a bustling road, this enclave is an empire of serenity. Whether it's the wide green landscapes or the homely environment that it exudes no one knows, Brigade Valencia is destined to be the peaceful place you have been looking for everywhere this year. No matter the season, Valencia is the best place to be. Brigade Valencia is an abode of top-notch amenities that will transform your life into that of elites. Despite being located in such a populated city, it features over 6 acres of space. The building hosts a string of features such as pure water, rainwater harvesting, 24/7 water, power supply and backup, high-speed lifts, separate service lifts and 24/7 security surveillance. Laden with perfectly pruned gardens, manicured lawns and huge swathes of green spaces, Brigade Valencia is the enclave that will prove to be your friend in the long run. You can relish the serenity of this while being in proximity to all necessary public zones like healthcare centres and educational centres. You are also offered benefits like spacious and aesthetically pleasing apartments and lush greenery. The pedestrian pathway is the perfect space for the elder members and the pets of your family. Brigade Valencia offers other crucial amenities including a Jogging track, Tennis Court, Kids' Play Area, Garden Area and landscaped gardens. This is not all. This serenity-sodden enclave offers an unceasing array of recreational amenities like a swimming pool, yoga area, gym, cafe, etc.


It has been rightly said that you must oblige when good things invite you into their warm embrace and Brigade Valencia is doing just that. It offers the experience of a lifetime brimming with acclaimed and coveted facilities that cater not only to every need you can have but also to your whims and desires; this is the place where they breed. Here is the home where the heart meets ecstasy and the soul meets its best self. brigade group pre launch apartment brigade valencia

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