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Current farmers are looking for the best ways and options to grow their farm operations and invest in more land as 2022 approaches and the desire to invest in farmland grows. Current farmers and those looking to enter the industry have several options for expanding their portfolios and presence.

Get Investors

Intelligent investors recognise that farmland is a limited asset and want to invest in a revenue-generating strategy. If you have an idea or an opportunity for growth or expansion, you may be able to obtain farm funding from investors. Outlining your goals and plans for your farm over the next five to ten years may entice interested investors to lend you the funds you need to purchase additional land or make improvements to your operation. We'd be happy to review your project and see if it could be a good opportunity for our pool of investors if you have plans to expand your farm operation or an opportunity to purchase more ground.

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Lending Is Always Available

If you have enough assets on your current farmland, you may be able to take out a loan to purchase additional farmland and equipment. When you choose to work with a farm lender, you can explain and detail your goals for the property you want to buy. When deciding whether to lend a helping hand, a farming lending partner will take into account all aspects of your business plan. Agricultural lenders typically provide fixed, adjustable, and variable rate options. If you're interested in a loan, please contact us and we'll put you in touch with our preferred lending partner.

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Beginning Farmer Grants

As a young farmer, whether you inherited a small farm or are looking to invest in farming, the USDA provides grants for those looking to invest in their property and provide grants that can be used as a down payment or investment into farmland. Keep in mind that these funds are frequently disbursed to be used as specified. When you put this money down on farmland, you must use it exactly as outlined, depending on what the grant was allocated for.

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Prepare Yourself For Your Investment

If you decide it is time to finance your farm, take advantage of the various farm financing options available. Going the route of personal investors can provide a lot of flexibility. If that isn't an option for you, you can get a loan or a federal grant depending on how much land you want to buy and how many restrictions you're willing to accept. Whatever your needs are in 2022, there are several options to consider in order to make your farm goals a reality.
If your looking for purchasing check out urban farmers .

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